NCRS Top Flight
Bloomington Gold Certified
Bloomington Gold Special Collection
‘Vette Fest, Triple Crown/Diamond
Bloomington Gold Great Hall
Carlisle Chips Choice
Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame
NCRS Duntov
Bloomington Gold Benchmark
NCRS American Heritage
Bloomington Gold “GOLD” Collection
Chips Choice Award


517 Times
198 Times
139 Times
137 Times
5 (Brand New Award)
113 Times
28 Times
21 Times
26 Times
20 Times
9 Times
114 Times

Best in Show

Malcolm Konner
Knoxville Diamond
Chevy ‘Vette Fest
Vanderbilt Cup


7 Times
4 Times
2 Times
2 Times

Best in Class

Pebble Beach Concors d’Elegance
Meadow Brook Concors d’Elegance
Amelia Island Concors d’Elegance
Radnor Hunt Concors d’Elegance
Lime Rock Concourse
The Quail Event
St John’s Concors d’Elegance


4 Times (Display only)
3 Times
5 Times
3 Times
3 Times
3 Times
4 Times