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Signed by Kevin Mackay
224 Pages / Hardcover
Ships mid-March 2018

You might say that Kevin Mackay is the Mr. October of Corvettes.
— Reggie Jackson, MLB Hall of Famer

Few authorities in the hobby could be counted on to provide this much entertainment in a single volume.

It's hard to imagine that a car with the racing pedigree of the Rebel Corvette could be neglected to the point of it being lost. Winning the GT class at the 1972 12 Hours of Sebring wasn't enough to keep this car from becoming just another old wreck out behind the shed. It was many years before Kevin Mackay came to rescue this prominent machine.

Finding, documenting, restoring, and selling rare and valuable Corvettes is one of Mackay's specialties. His business, Corvette Repair Inc., is considered the premier Corvette restoration facility in the country. However, it just wasn’t the Rebel L88 Corvette that he found and restored.

Mackay tells story after story of finding and restoring valuable Corvettes such as the 1960 Briggs Cunningham Le Mans racer that took 1st in class. He also tells stories of Steve McQueen's 1966 Corvette, the 1967 Bounty Hunter racer, 1968 Sunray DX #2 and #3, and chassis #003 from 1953. If you like L88 Corvettes, no one has bought and restored more of them than Kevin Mackay!


About Kevin Mackay


When it comes to finding, repairing, and restoring the most important Corvettes ever built, one man stands apart from the rest in terms of the sheer volume and importance of the cars he’s been involved with. Kevin Mackay, along with his team of expert restorers at Corvette Repair have won thousands of awards and been featured in hundreds of magazines and books.

As interesting as the cars themselves are, the tales of perseverance, grit, and cunning behind them are even more incredible. For the first time ever, Kevin Mackay tells the true stories of how some of the greatest Corvettes of all time were found and brought back to life. After more than 30 years in the Corvette business, his passion for America’s Sports Car has never waned, earning him the title of The Corvette Hunter.