NCRS Top Flight 552 Total, Bloomington Gold Certified IN. 206 Total, Bloomington Gold Special Collection IN. 133 Total, Triple Crown/Diamond IL. 154 Total, Bloomington Gold Great Hall IN. 6 Total, Carlisle Chips Choice 116 Total, Bloomington Gold Hall Of Fame IN. 31 Total, NCRS Duntov 42 Total, Bloomington Gold Benchmark IN. 29 Total, NCRS American Heritage 17 Total, Bloomington Gold “GOLD” Collection IN. 38 Total, Chips Choice Award 118 Total, Historical Vehicle Association Award 4 Total, St Johns Concors d’Elegance MI. 4 Total, Elegance of Competition Award at Hershey PA. 1 Total, Best GM Car At Amelia Island Concors d’Elegance FL. 6 Total, Concors d’Elegance At St John’s MI. 4 Total, Best Competition GM Car Amelia Island Concors d’Elegance FL. 3 Total, Amelia Island Award FL 6 Total, NCRS Gallery Carlisle PA. 26 Total, Pebble Beach Concors d’Elegance CA. 5 Total, NCRS Gallery PA 14 Total


Best In SHow

Malcolm Konner NJ. 7 Total, Knoxville Diamond TN. 5 Total, Chevy ‘Vette Fest IL. 2 Total, Vanderbilt Cup NY. 3 Total, Radnor Hunt Concors d’Elegance PA. 1 Total, Pape Chevrolet NY 2 Total, Amityville Chevrolet NY 1 Total, Palanker Chevrolet NY 3 Total, Arnold Chevrolet NY 1 Total, Bast Chevrolet NY 1 Total, Becker Chevrolet NY 1 Total, Lyster Chevrolet NY 1 Total


Best In Class

Meadow Brook Concors d’Elegance MI. 4 Total, Amelia Island Concors d’Elegance FL. 7 Total, Radnor Hunt Concors d’Elegance PA. 4 Total, Hilton Head Concors d’Elegance NC. 1 Total, Cincinnati d’Elegance OH. 1 Total, Lime Rock Park Conquest CT. 4 Total, Greenwich Concors d”Elegance CT. 6 Total, Concors d’Elegance of America at St. Johns MI. 5 Total. Quail Motorsports Gathering CA. 3 Total. Mar-a-Lago Concors d”Elegance FL. 1 Total, Westbury Gardens NY 2 Total, Atlantic City Corvette Show NJ 1 Total


1956 corvette sr-2 wins best in class at amelia island concours d'elegance

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