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Kevin officially opened Corvette Repair in 1985 renting a one bay garage out of an auto repair shop in Valley Stream, New York, he didn’t know back then that there was going to be a need for high end restorations and repairs for Corvettes. He also didn’t know that he had the talent that was going to be necessary to achieve award winning results. In 1987 a new custom built facility was officially opened where it is today and is expanding to accommodate the growing audience of Corvette collectors. What has happened in the 30+ years for Kevin and his team is the creation of an organization with the reputation that has repaired and restored the most famous Corvettes across the country. These cars are either basic, rare, race or experimentals, some of the long list of important cars that have come through our doors are, for example: 1960 Briggs Cunningham Le Mans Racer, 1962 Yenko Gulf Oil Racer, 1966 Penske L88 Racer, 1968 Sunray DX L88 Racer, & 1969 Rebel L88 Racer (all 5 cars were either Le Mans, Daytona & Sebring class winners), Cerv II, Pininfarina Car, XP-819 Car (all 3 are 1 off experimental cars).

Kevin’s passion has driven the company to achieve the success it enjoys today with a testimonial of Corvette owners all over the country. His awards received from the cars he has worked on are unmatched in the business whether they came from NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold, Triple Diamond and numerous others. He is also famous for creations of the Driveable Chassis, Suspended Corvette, Cutaway Corvette, See-Thru-Corvette, Sideways Corvette and only he knows what he is dreaming up next. No one has created more excitement in the business than Kevin and his organization. His Judging experience of over 30 years, as an NCRS Master Judge and Bloomington Gold Benchmark Judge has been an added contribution  to the success of making award winning cars. Some of the places where Corvette Repair, Inc cars received awards include Pebble Beach Concours d”Elegance & The Quail Event, California, Amelia Island Concours d”Elegance, Florida, Meadow Brook & St. Johns Concours d”Elegance, Michigan, Radnor Hunt Concours d”Elegance Pennsylvania, and Lime Rock Concourse, Connecticut.

In 2010 the documentary “The Quest” was released and Kevin was featured as a principal speaker along with Lance Miller, John Fitch and Michael Brown the filmmaker. It’s about Chip Miller’s quest to find the 1960 Briggs Cunningham LeMans Corvette number 3 car which won it’s class at LeMans in 1960.

One of the highest acknowledgement and recognition by his peers is being inducted into the Great Hall…Which he was in June 2012, he is one of only 50 people who will be in the Great Hall. No longer will there be other candidates or inductees, it will be closed permanently.  Kevin continues to receive accolades, and this year 2014, he being one of the top authorities in the restoration and judging communities, has been invited to be Grand Marshall of Corvette Homecoming in Bowling Green Kentucky. On May 21st 2014 with this one coming from the State of Kentucky being honored as a Kentucky Colonel, joining a special club as a member along with celebrities as Harland “Colonel” Sanders, Muhammad Ali, Betty White, George Clooney, Ashley Judd, Johnny Depp, Kenny Perry and Elvis Presley.

Kevin is constantly invited by many publications such as American Car Collector/Corvette Market, Keith Martin Publications. Famous Car Auctions as Barrett-Jackson, Gooding, Russo & Steele and RM. He has been selected many times to take part on elite panels of discussions, questions and answers. Along with Wayne Carini, Dave Burroughs, Bill Stephens, Mike Yager & Nolan Adams, Kevin has given classes and many seminars as a instructor on the subject of Corvettes history, makeup and restoration, etc.  Also teaching classes at The National Corvette Museum, NCRS National Conventions and at Mid America Motorworks over the years.

Being passionate of C1, C2 and C3 Corvettes, Kevin is constantly invited, courted, hounded to be a guest on Radio shows, personal interviews on TV shows, Documentaries and filling hundreds & hundreds of major auto magazines, books, newspapers with articles of information including upwards of 100 magazine cover cars, and more to come. And for several years he has been a great contributor and source for Corvettes on an knowledgeable panel of A book on his biography would be an asset to the Corvette hobby and restoration business which may be coming soon on the internet or to a book store near you.

Corvette Repair, Inc. today is the most recognized and respected Corvette repair and restoration organization in the country and for those collectors of Corvettes around the world.




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